Here's some good news in the battle for science over faux science:

Religious conservatives have taken over the Texas school board and mandated the inclusion of creationism in science textbooks for the public schools.   And because Texas is the largest purchaser of textbooks, what Texas wants is usually what gets published and available to other states as well.

Until now.   The Huffington Post's Rebecca Klein reported that publishers have stood strong against pressure from Texas and have continued to include evolution -- and not creationism -- in the science textbooks.

Now the Texas school board will have to decide whether they want their kids to learn 20th and 21th century science -- or stay stuck in early 19th century science.

Perhaps the tide is beginning to turn.   First, the Tea Party is losing its clout;   now those who want to impose religious their beliefs on school children have been ignored by publishers.   

I'm fed up with having ignorance, prejudice, and religious bigotry rule out country.  It's past time for knowledge, science, reason, and evidence to be respected again in our public policies.