Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Speak loudly and carry a small stick

Donald Trump was on George Stephanopolis' Sunday morning talk show.   George tried to pin him down on how he would fix the immigration problem.   They danced around for a while, with Trump playing his usual bluster and blame game, talking about "it's all a matter of management," but without specifics.  George persisted:

STEPHANOPOULOS:  I understand that you think it's a huge problem, but I still don't hear specifics on how you're going to do this.
TRUMP: Well, you'll see...
STEPHANOPOULOS: -- for example...
TRUMP: -- my specifics, George. But my specifics are very -- I'm going to get great people that know what they're doing, not a bunch of political hacks that have no idea what they're doing, appointed by President Obama, that doesn't have a clue. I mean that man doesn't have a clue.
*   *   *
If it weren't so tragic for the country, wouldn't it be amusing to see President Trump on his first day in office, accustomed to being the irresistible force in his business empire, running into the unmovable object that is Congress.


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