Friday, September 18, 2015

22,600,000 watched Republican debaters' lies go unchallenged. This can't be good for Democrats

The CNN Republican debate drew 22,600,000 viewers Wednesday night.   And they have ten more debates scheduled.    Why does the DNC and its chair Debbie Wasserman-Scultz continue to insist on only three debates for Democratic candidates prior to the big primaries next March?

This cannot be good -- to let all those lies and distortions and demonization of Obama and Clinton and Sanders go unchallenged.


PS:  Fortunately, the medical establishment is responding to the Trump lie about a vaccine-autism link, which the two doctors on the stage failed to refute.    That rumor, which Sarah Palin tried to peddle in 2008, has been thoroughly debunked by medical science.   

When you have hundreds of millions in a routine thing like vaccinations -- there are obviously going to be some of those millions who will develop various kinds of problems that they would have got anyway.   Some will develop autism, some will die from congenital heart problems, some will grow up to be geniuses or sports stars or beauty queens.    None of it has anything to do with vaccines.

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