Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Huckabee offers to take Davis' place in jail . . . . . . , , , just after she's released from jail.

Readers of ShrinkRap know that my disdain for Mike Huckabee has grown enormously over this campaign season as Mike has stooped ever lower in his too, too obvious pandering for popularity.

But my scorn has become complete today when he turned up as Kim Davis was released from jail to put his arm protectively around her and proclaim:
"If somebody needs to go to jail, I'm willing to go in her place."
Pardon me while I puke.   Mike!   You're offering to take her place in jail -- as she's being released from jail?????

Do you seriously think that's going to make somebody think you're a hero or something?   Come on.   How stupid or gullible do you think we are?   


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