Monday, July 18, 2016

Where is Sarah Palin?

Other than one blurb I saw online that described Mike Pence as "Sarah Palin without the charisma," she's been missing in action lately.   And her name is not on the list of speakers at the convention.    Donald Trump lamely explained that "It's a long way from Alaska."

The real reason is no secret, after newspaper reports of her son being remanded to jail on domestic abuse charges.   The latest is that Track Palin, who was arrested back in January for domestic abuse of his girlfriend while intoxicated and threatening to use a firearm, has accepted a plea agreement that requires him to complete an alcohol-related rehab program.

Of course, I have done my share of ridiculing Sarah Palin and her news-making family.  But Track is an Iraq war veteran, who "came home a little different."   Let's hope he gets the treatment he needs and that his mom can forgo the political spotlight enough to take any extra pressure off him while he does.    Wise choice for her to skip the convention this year.


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