Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day 2016 . . . . MIA ?

Today is Labor Day.   Who knew?   At least from what we've been hearing during the presidential campaign.

There was a little mention during the Democratic Primary, when some unions endorsed Hillary Clinton and some endorsed Bernie Sanders.   But Labor has traditionally been a mainstay supporter of Democratic politicians and office holders.   Getting better working conditions and better pay and benefits for working class men and women was the goal of labor unions -- and unions largely made possible the rise of the middle class in America.

So . . . where are they?   Are they disappearing along with the Middle Class?  For all of Donald Trump's class warfare and goading the resentment of those white workers who feel left behind, he and labor unions seem about as compatible as oil and water.   On the other hand, the question arises now in the general election:   Is Hillary taking them for granted?

This is a strange election.   Yes, the place of unions has been eroded in our 21st century economy, as Republicans have passed laws aimed at curbing their power.   But I didn't think it had gone so far that we would be observing a holiday called Labor Day, but only out of tradition and nostalgia. 

What, exactly, are we celebrating?


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