Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Millennial's reaction to the Trump election

For the past few days, I've been expressing my hope that a President Trump may be a better man than candidate Trump, that there is a better self in there somewhere;   and I suggested that we give him room to be that better self, instead of continuing to throw his past remarks in his face, provoking his retaliation.

But there is a difference between wanting to give him a chance to "be presidential" and wanting him to have his way with policies.   Today, I want to repeat my vehement opposition to most of the policies that he says he stands for -- and that the Republican party stands for.  While recognizing that the people have elected him and he is the next president, we still need to oppose them on policies and regulations -- and hold them accountable, now that they will control all branches of government.

My grandson, Adam Reed, expresses this in his own blog in a way that is refreshingly on target, better than I could.   He has given me permission to quote from it.   At 27 Adam brings the perspective of his generation and the future of our country.

He did not catch the family disease of obsession with the game of politics.   He cares about the issues and outcomes, but not the minutia of the process or the mass media's three-ring circus.   

So he spent election night watching  the Hawks/Cavaliers game, then went to bed, he says, "knowing that staying up for the results would in no way affect the outcome of the election.  Like many others I woke up in shock and disbelief this morning to the news that Donald Trump had won an upset victory in the race for the office of President of the United States of America."

Adam then reasons that, although Trump has said many, many things with which he disagrees, some 60 million people voted for him.  He thinks they are wrong, but they are entitled to their opinion and their vote.   And he realizes anew that it's not enough just to believe in something, you have to fight for it.   Here's his summary quote:

"Those that know me well know that I try to keep my political thoughts to myself and avoid affiliation with either major party. Unfortunately I think this morning some things need to be said. The Republican party has been shouting that the last 8 years have been some of the worst in American history. I disagree, but obviously a large majority of the American people didn't so here we are. You have control of both legislative bodies and the executive branch. You're the dog that finally caught the bicycle. It's time to put your money where your mouth is and make this country better. I didn't vote for you, but I am 100% counting on you to prove me wrong by doing good for the American people. Don't fuck this up."

Thanks, Adam.   Well, said.   Please keep writing.


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