Thursday, December 29, 2016

Huffington Post headline calls out Trump's lie

I've been ranting about the lack of journalistic candor that simply repeats what people say without correcting obvious untruths.  So I cheered when I saw this headline on a Huffington Post article:

"Trump Claims All Of His Foundation's Money 
Goes To Charity.   That's A Lie."

Trump announced he would close the foundation to avoid future conflicts of interest.    But New York's Attorney General Eric Schneidermann said, 'Not so fast, buster.'   The AG's office has an ongoing investigation into the foundation's possible illegal practices, and you cannot close it down until those are settled.

We've seen reports of the business debts and lawsuits that Trump has settled, and the political contributions he has made, or the transfer of funds to himself -- all from the foundation account.  HP  is not going to let the president-elect get away with lying about it.


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