Sunday, December 18, 2016

'Inconsistency, thy name is Republican'

Let's be up front and clear about what the Republicans are doing.

1.  In the U.S. Senate, the Republican majority refused for almost the entire last year of President Obama's time in office to even have a hearing on his nominee to fill a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court -- and their explanation was "let the people decide in the election."  It is clearly the duty of the president in office to nominate replacements to the court.   The senate majority has failed to do their duty to advise and consent.   The result has been many 4 to 4 tied decisions that can set no precedent on important issues.

2.  In North Carolina, after the people had spoken and elected a Democratic governor, the Republican majority in the legislature, with the outgoing Republican Gov. McCrory's collusion, called a surprise special session to strip this incoming governor of some of his powers in the future -- despite the voice of the people saying they wanted a new governor.  They wanted the Democratic Cooper to replace the Republican McCrory.

In other words, the Republicans are claiming the right to take away the power of their political opponents, whether they are going or coming.   In one case, in order to have it their way, they say "let the people speak."   In the other, to have it their way, they say, "don't listen to the people who just spoke."

We are back in the historical era when "might makes right."  In both cases, the people's right to have a functioning government has been taken away by a partisan, legislative body.   Never mind the constitution and legal process.  


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