Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fighting over who had bigger crowds

One of Trump's campaign tactics was to turn a small problem into a "bright, shiny object" to distract attention from some other, more incriminating or embarrassing problem.    They tried that Saturday by arguing over the size of the inauguration crowd.    Trump bragged that it was the largest ever -- over a million, he said.

However, most observers, aerial photographs, hotel registrations, and Metro ridership concluded that the crowd was smaller than Obama's first inauguration, probably less than half a million.

What they wanted to distract us from was the size of Saturday's Women's March on Washington, which seems to have swelled to more than half a million.  Bad enough if Trump's was smaller than Obama's.   What if it was also smaller than the Women's March?

And it wasn't just Washington.   There were women's marches planned in 670 U.S. cities and another 70 from Alaska to Mexico City to Berlin.   In all, more than 2 million people marched in protest of the Trump presidency.   Trump can't hide this story. Michael Moore was on the job, and we can be sure that he had some cameras working too.

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