Sunday, February 12, 2017

Another product eliminating need for human labor

This new product, made possible by new technology, at least performs a useful task -- unlike my scornful favorite example of completely unnecessary digital ingenuity:   the "smart mattress" that tells you how well you slept last night.   This one folds and sorts laundry.

Made by a start-up company in Tokyo, it is a refrigerator-sized piece of furniture.   There is a large drawer at the bottom in which you place the newly laundered clothes.   Press a button and robots, programmed to recognize different categories of clothing, will then fold each item, sort them into types of clothing, and neatly stack them in the appropriate shelf in the upper part of the cabinet.

I wouldn't want one, because I hate to have to learn how to operate new devices .   But then I'm an old fossil of a troglodyte.   A busy person might find it quite useful and time-saving.   However, the price seems a bit steep at $2,700.   But it will come down in time and probably become standard in upscale homes.

So what are people going to do when robots have taken over not only all the jobs but also the household duties?   It's a serious question.   Unless we're going to find some secret source of wealth that will pay people not to work, then there's going to be a problem:  If all human jobs are eliminated by robots, how will people have enough money to afford all the gadgets that make them obsolete?


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