Thursday, February 23, 2017

Muslims unite to repair Jewish cemetery

The shocking damage done by vandals to the Jewish cemetery in Missouri, where nearly 200 monuments and grave markers were damaged, has prompted another crowd-funding good works on the Muslim online site, "Launch Good."

This is a site I discovered a while back when they were raising money to help black churches damaged by arsonists.   In short, this is a site that provides a forum for anyone to start a crowd fund-raiser for various kinds of good works.   It is sponsored by Muslims, but more and more their good works are inspiring others to join them in contributions.

Thus far, this particular project has raised $100,000, five times what their initial goal was.   One of the sponsors is Linda Sarsour, a Muslim activist who has been a guest several times on MSNBC new shows.   She's a very impressive, highly intelligent and well-informed young woman.  She was one of the sponsors of the Women's March.   In fact, she's become well known enough that she is now receiving death threats.    For doing good works -- her offense apparently being that her work exposes the hatred that she opposes.   And perhaps for destroying the false image the anti-Muslim crowd tries to instill of all Muslims as terrorists.

Anyone who might want to join me in contributing to this fund started by Muslims to help Jews, go to the web site:


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