Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Recording turned off for Trump's call with Putin

It remains a serious question:   Just what is the relationship between the Trump team and Russia?   Do they hold some power over him that we don't know about?

It is undisputed that Trump's Secretary of State, his National Security Adviser, his former campaign manager, and others have close ties to Russia or to Putin himself.  Putin seems to be the only world leader that Trump has not insulted.  Even when reporters try to get him to be critical of something Putin has done or said, Trump always turns it around to his admiration for Putin.

Here is one more reason to be suspicious:  Trump's recent calls to heads of state have routinely been recorded and a summary written up, except for one:  Vladimir Putin.   Ilan Berman, VP of the American Foreign Policy Council, reported that the recording equipment was turned off during Trump's recent phone call with Putin.  The call summary was one sentence long.   We need to know why.   What did they discuss that they're keeping secret?


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