Sunday, March 5, 2017

The hypocrisy of the pious -- Mike Pence's phone

Ah . . . another example of the hypocrisy of the pious.  The Indianapolis Star newspaper has reported that then governor Mike Pence used a personal AOL phone account for official state business, including the discussion of sensitive topics like the state's response to terrorist attacks.

I call this hypocrisy because Vice Presidential candidate Pence was scathing and sanctimonious in his criticism of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State.   It was one of the main attack topics that the Republicans tried to make into a scandal to sink her candidacy for president.

During the campaign, Pence said on "Meet the Press,"  that Clinton "either knew or should have known that she was placing classified information in a way that exposed it to being hacked and being made available in the public domain, even to enemies of this country."

Pence's AOL phone use came to light when a hacker got into his account over the summer.   It's true that there is no legal obligation for the Indiana governor to use a secure phone.  However, the current governor's office, in releasing copies of Pence's emails, withheld an unspecified number of them because they were considered "too sensitive" to be made public.

For all the political heat Clinton took later about the phone server, the fact is that there was never any evidence that her phone system was hacked.   In contrast, the phones were hacked at the State Department, the Pentagon, the DNC -- and the one used by the governor of Indiana, a guy named Pence.

What is it with these outwardly pious people who have such a propensity for shading the truth, outright lying in many instances, and hiding their own mendacity behind a screen of hypocrisy?    The old derogatory phrase "holier than thou" comes to mind.


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