Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Funny lines from Trevor Noah * AND * A breakthrough in gay rights law

Gotta take a break from all the bad political news of the day.   Who would have thought one person could do so many things that are so wrong in one day!   So for now . . . a little escape.

Trevor Noah, host of the Tonight Show, threw out a couple of lines that made me laugh out loud.

1.  Speaking about Paul Ryan's big loss in the health care bill, and Trump blaming him for it:
"Paul Ryan has become such a pussy that I'm surprised Trump hasn't grabbed him."

2.  North Carolina replaced its "trans bathroom" law with one that allows the state to discriminate but forbids cities from fighting discrimination by passing their own laws.
"North Carolina has become such a disgrace that South Carolina has changed its name to North Georgia."
A related, serious note, i.e. not a joke.
     The Appeals Court for the 7th U. S. Circuit has just ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Law protects LGBT people from workplace discrimination based on a decision that sexual orientation and gender identity are included in the law's ban against sex discrimination.   It will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court, but this is a huge and very welcome outcome.


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