Monday, July 31, 2017

August break

Dear Friends and ShrinkRap readers:

Now that Republicans have blown their chance to repeal Obamacare and have nothing further to offer on that;  now that chaos and staff turnover in the White House have reached new heights, promising ever more vulgarity and infighting, and with a wannabe Mini-Trump as the new communications director;  now that Congress has tied Trump's hands to prevent him from lifting sanctions on Russia;  and now that Sessions is sitting tight, and Mueller keeps on digging deeper --- 

And now that the leaders of the Boy Scouts of America and the New York Police Department have both felt the need to send out letters that disassociate their organizations from elements of the president's official speech to their groups -- 

And now that our military chiefs have refused to accept a presidential tweet as an official order, saying they will make no changes in their transgender policy until a formal order, with a plan for implementation, comes down from the Pentagon --

And now that August is upon us,

It seems a good time to take a break from the daily routine of writing a blog post.   I'm going to try a two week hiatus and see if I can bear the restraint.

If the president resigns, or gets impeached, or charged with crimes, I probably will have to comment.   Otherwise, I'm going to take a rest from politics and news.

Many thanks for your interest.   I suggest you check  back on August 15th and see what's going on.


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