Monday, July 24, 2017

Trump explains it all -- and, believe me, everything is o-kay.

According to New York Times op-ed journalist Andrew Rosenthal's tongue-in-cheek summary, Donald Trump's recent interview with his newspaper staff explains all the muddled issues we've been grappling with about this administration's mysterious connections to the Russians.

"First, everything is fine because nothing happened between Trump and the Kremlin. And if anything did happen, no one should care and the only people who do are liberals whining about the election results. . . . 

"Trump and his people never spoke to any Russians, and if they did, they either forgot about it or innocently failed to mention it because it was just normal socializing. And if it wasn’t just socializing, then there was no discussion of the campaign, and if there was discussion of the campaign, it was perfectly appropriate."
Well, now that's all cleared up, don't we feel a whole lot better?

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