Sunday, August 9, 2015

Is it too early to start thinking about presidential tickets ?

The first debate generated a lot of excitement, so I'm already thinking about the eventual tickets for November 2016.   But do I pick the Republican team that would be the least bad (from a progressive perspective) if they got elected?  Or shall we pick the easiest ones for Democrats to beat?

For the time being, I'll be idealistic and pick the best choice for the country should they win.   That would be John Kasich and Marco Rubio.  I'm surprised I can be so definite about it after only one debate, but there it is.

My pick for months now for the Democratic pair has been Hillary Clinton and Julio Castro, the charismatic, young, Hispanic, former San Antonio mayor who currently is serving as Obama's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.    Remember his superb Keynote Convention Speech in 2012?

But Kasich/Rubio would bring formidable support from their home states, the crucial swing states of Ohio and Florida.

So I'm going to forego Castro's Hispanic advantage for Sherrod Brown's electoral map advantage being a senator from Ohio,   He'd be a terrific choice anyway:  a very appealing, progressive senator and a genuine man of integrity.    

Or might we be a bit more daring and pick Bernie Sanders? I like him, I don't disagree with anything he stands for, I'm impressed by his crowd appeal.  I want us to have a woman president, and we'll likely never have anyone as prepared for it as Hillary Clinton.   So, for the time being, I'll stay with Clinton-Brown.

But, if she stumbles . . .     What about a Biden-Sanders ticket?


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