Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Opposition to Iran nuclear deal gets a little crazy

Josh Marshall of "Talking Points Memo" blog reported this.

One of the pressure groups opposing Iran getting nuclear capability has been UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran).   Under its chairman, Dr. Gary Samore, it had been a bipartisan group working in the area of sanctions and economic pressure.   

However, UANI has just announced that former Senator Joe Lieberman has joined the organization and will be its new chairman.   Remember Lieberman as the uberhawk buddy of John McCain and Lindsey Graham?

OK.  But why did UANI need a new chairman?   Well, it seems that Dr. Samore, the former chairman, has read the Iran nuclear agreement . . . . and he approves of it and wants it to go forward.

Which made it a bit awkward, since the board of UANI wanted to go the other way.   It has a war chest and is about to roll out a massive ad campaign to defeat the deal in Congress.    

Marshal concludes:
"This little nugget captures the current, non-reality-based phase of the Iran nuclear debate in which partisanship, hyperbole and deception have entirely engulfed the debate. . . .  Opponents have no alternative plan. . . . But Joe Lieberman is here to save the day."


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