Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Did the Clinton-Warren joint appearance in Cincinnati show sufficient "chemistry"?

In my recent post about VP choices for Hillary Clinton, I said that Elizabeth Warren is my first choice -- but it really depends on the relationship between the two of them.    There have been rumors that there is tension, and people point out that Warren didn't endorse her until after she had become the presumptive nominee.  I have some concerns about whether her exuberant personality and her own agenda could tolerate playing second fiddle to Hillary.

So Monday's joint appearance on the campaign trail in Cincinnati was considered a way to try that out -- that is, outside speculators like me considered it that.   Who knows what the insiders thought?   It may have already been decided one way or another.   But at any rate, it was a much awaited event.    Several pictures of the pair in action together seem to say things could not have gone better.   Hillary seemed energized and all smiles, and it looked like genuine pleasure.  It looked like good chemistry.

The visuals were astounding and historic:   this power-pair of strong women set to take on the misogynistic, narcissistic, man-boy that's the presumptive nominee they would face.

Nothing says "women-power" more strongly than some images from this rally.  There's one picture in particular that I wanted to share hereI literally spent hours trying to copy it and paste here (as I often have done) but my blog server has decided to go for a higher level of security -- and it no longer allows me to post copied photos from the internet, or at least I haven't figured out how to overcome the security block.   [see photo above]

Warren gave a strong introduction of Clinton -- and nothing either of tbem said about policies seemed to be at all out of sync.   So it'll be interesting to see where this goes from here.    More joint appearances?   Warren will be a terrific campaigner for Clinton, whether as VP or not.  And she will be an invaluable ally, either in the senate or down the hall in the White House.

Frankly, I'd like to have these two women heading up our government -- just as I wish we had a majority of women in congress.   I'm told that that's the secret of the extensive family friendly policies in Norway is that the majority of the Norwegian Parliament is made up of women.


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