Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wendy Davis -- the filibustering Texas legislator is vindicated by SCOTUS decision

Wendy Davis in 2013.jpegPhoto from Wikipedia
Remember in 2013, when the Texas legislature was trying to pass the most restrictive anti-abortion bills, whose requirements would result in closing the majority of the clinics in the state?   And remember the gutsy woman legislator in the pink sneakers who stood and talked for 11 hours without stopping for anything?

That was Rep. Wendy Davis, a divorced single mother who put herself through college and then made it through Harvard Law School.    Her filibuster was the major factor in running out the clock on the legislative session;   but the bill came back in the next session and was passed.   Davis then ran for governor in 2015, but lost to a Republican.

The laws that SCOTUS overturned yesterday were what Wendy Davis spent 11 hours trying to block by talking.  She deserves to take a victory lap . . . or two . . . or 11.


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