Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sanders' solid endorsement of Clinton

Anyone who thinks that Bernie Sanders is not really supporting Hillary Clinton now is just not reading things the same way I do.    Clinton herself understands.   This was a carefully orchestrated strategy that their two campaigns worked out.

Sanders was not simply running to be president.   He was starting a progressive movement that has been remarkably successful, and he wanted to keep that going to push Hillary even further to the left on issues and to influence the party platform.   It seems that he has accomplished both of those things.

The $15 minimum wage, commitment to a public option added to Obamacare, free college tuition, strengthen Wall Street regulation, ending the death penalty for federal crimes -- all those and more will be in the platform thanks to Sanders.

Then it was time to give his endorsement of Clinton -- and Sanders did that with a robust promise to do everything he can to defeat Donald Trump and help her win the presidency.  And, yes, he actually said the words:   "I endorse Hillary Clinton."

Do not minimize the effect Bernie Sanders has had on this election and on the Democratic Party.   Well done, sir.


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