Friday, August 26, 2016

I never thought I would feel sorry for Ann Coulter . . . . until Donald Trump threw her under the bus.

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The launch party for Ann Coulter's new book was all planned.  Copies of In Trump We Trust were stacked on the table, waiting to be purchased by fans and signed by the author, who has been a loud and a sometimes outrageous supporter of The Donald's presidential bid.   I haven't read the book, but the subtitle suggests the tone:  "E Pluribus Awesome."

The only problem is that Donald Trump's political campaign is a day-to-day madhouse, and book publishing is a slow process.   What Donald Trump says today may be very different from what he said yesterday.  So by the time Coulter's "In Trump We Trust" made it to that signing table, Trump's new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, had different ideas about the position he needed to take on immigration -- the issue that had made Ms. Coulter quiver.

But the timing couldn't have been worse.   On the very day of the book launch partyTrump gave a speech in which he took most of it back.   See, he wouldn't really round up and forcefully deport all those 11 million illegal immigrants, just the criminal ones.   And, oh no, he wouldn't separate families;   they stay together.  And, well, maybe after all they deserve a pathway to a legal status.   Not amnesty, of course.   And they will have to pay back-taxes;   lots of taxes.  But, hey, we've got to adopt a softergentler tone, if we hope to get any of those white, educated women voters back, you know?

Ann Coulter doesn't do softer and gentler.    And there she was . . . at her party . . . with all those books to sell about putting your trust in Trump, the Awesome.    It was pretty sad.  Because here's what she had written in that just-published book:
"There's nothing Trump can do that won't be forgiven . . . except change his immigration policies."
Oops.  Kind of a party downer, you know?   On the very same day.

But then, look on the bright side.   Maybe tomorrow he will get his inner-meanness back and deport all those illegals.  Who knows?


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