Sunday, September 11, 2016

Even on that day . . . 9/11/01 . . . It's about him.

Honestly, people, I would rather be writing about something else.   But Donald Trump just keeps being in the center of the news -- even on this day.   He's like the unavoidable plague -- with the added attraction that his outrageous, outsized narcissism is just so jaw-droppingly compelling to ridicule.   So forgive me, but . . . 

Politico has just released part of an audio from a Sept 11, 2001 interview that Trump gave on a local New York station.    To his credit, he was mostly somber and determined.   He made no wild statements on unsubstantiated claims.   But, in the midst of that 10 minute interview, he just couldn't help but interject this factoid.

Now that the twin towers of the World Trade Center had collapsed, it meant that Trump's own building a few blocks away was now the tallest building in lower Manhattan.

Oh, yes.   Thank you, Mr. Trump.   That must have been so very comforting to the millions clinging to their radios and tv sets, eager for something to hold on to during those awful days of uncertainty and unspeakable grief . . .  

Just knowing that yours is bigger was . . .  [words fail me].


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