Friday, September 16, 2016

Why the testosterone check, Mr. Trump?

Donald Trump turned his medical report into a big TV theatrical event, going on  Dr. Oz's daytime show to have the pitchman for unproved diet pills interpret the results -- or rather what limited results Trump agreed for him to share.  There was nothing very remarkable in the results other than that Trump is overweight, loves junk food, and doesn't get much exercise -- all of which are risk factors for a heart attack.

One bit of trivia stood out:  his testosterone level was above average.  Well, good for him, but here's my question.   Why did they check his testosterone?   It's not part of a routine exam.

I've had an annual physical every year for the past 40 years, and none of the four different doctors over those years has ever suggested getting a testosterone level.   Trump must have requested it himself.  So, is there a problem?  Or just a huge insecurity and looking for reassurance?


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