Saturday, September 24, 2016

Trump advocates stop and frisk, "take their guns." But he meant only black people's guns.

Donald Trump's response to the recent police shootings of black men was to say how he would handle this increasing violence: by reinstating "stop and frisk."   That's a police practice where police officers routinely stop people on the street and check their IDs and run a computer check.  If any infractions are listed (even a traffic violation), the police then have the power to search them and/or their cars.    The practice has been outlawed as unconstitutional by a federal district court judge.   So it is no longer allowed.   But Trump says, as president, he would reinstate "stop and frisk. . . .  It worked so good.   We have to do it."

But here the thing.   In touting "stop and frisk," Trump said:   "And if you find a gun, you take their guns."     You take their guns?   Isn't a good part of Trump's avid base the crowd that screams about Hillary's going to take your guns?   Even Trump himself famously declared that "Hillary wants to get rid of the second amendment," and she will confiscate your guns.    Is this a change to an anti-gun stance for Trump?

Oh, I see.    Stop and frisk is something you only do in black neighborhoods.   So, when he was talking about that, he was talking about taking black people's guns.   Now I get it.   And I'm sure his supporters did too.


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