Friday, October 7, 2016

Anti-Trump campaign for Americans living abroad

A Canadian friend sent this announcement of an effort in Vancouver to get Americans living abroad to vote against Trump.
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"This Wednesday, Avaazers are hitting the streets of Vancouver in a giantStop Trumpbus to let Americans across Canada know that it's essential they register and vote. . . .   We need everyone to join in to show how much Canada cares about keeping Donald Trump out of power!

There are millions of Americans living abroad -- up to one million of them in Canada . . . but only 12% vote. We can reach all of them with an urgent call to register and vote. . . .  If you're American, come register for your overseas ballot! If you're not, join us and help reach out to as many Americans as possible."
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Thanks to Avaazers (whoever they are) and to my friend Alan, a good Canadian who enjoys ribbing me about our politicians. 


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  1. According to Google, there are 324,737,687 Americans living south of the Canadian border. Is Mr. Trump really the best representative for the Republicans? ...perhaps he is,...if you are a Democrat.