Saturday, October 8, 2016

Not surprised at Trump's vulgar talk about women.

The 2005 recording from a hot mic of Donald Trump, entertaining guys on a bus with vulgar talk about the way he can treat women now that he's a star, is not really surprising.   Yes, it's shocking when you actually hear his graphic description.   It's even more shocking that he wants to dismiss it as 'locker-room talk in private' that can be erased by a non-apology:  "if anyone is offended."

But, really, are we surprised?   Isn't this what we've been talking about when we say that he "doesn't respect women"?    And no amount of his saying, "I have the greatest respect for women," can convince us otherwise.   We've known who he is;  it's just now a little grosser and a little more impossible not to think graphically about what amounts to sexual harassment and sexual assault.   Yes, from what he said on that tape, he is describing sexual assault -- groping women sexually against their wishes.   Further, although he talks about it in terms of sex, he's really describing his pleasure in power and his pride in domination.

Should he resign?   Yes, he should never have been nominated.   But I say make him stay on the ticket, make the Republicans own him, and then vote in the biggest landslide victory in history.

Punish him in the only way he understands:   humiliating defeat.


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