Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How do we know if Trump is now just conning us?

Donald Trump met with the New York Times journalists, who live-tweeted the meeting.  He said all the right things:   He could never even think of hiring Steve Bannon if he thought he was a racist or part of the Alt-Right.  "Breitbart is just a publication."

He disavows and condemns the white nationalists who met in Washington and proclaimed his election a victory for them, saluting Trump's name with a Nazi-type salute of "hail victory."  He says the tensions and infighting with Republican leaders are water under the bridge.   "Paul Ryan loves me;  Mitch McConnell loves me."    "I have great respect for the New York Times."

But how do we know that he's not just conning us now;   just as he conned his crowds at his rallies when he said all the right things to excite them?  We know he will say anything to further his cause at the moment.   It may be inoperative moments later.  Don't fall for it.  Watch what he does and whom he appoints.


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