Saturday, November 26, 2016

My position on President-elect Trump

Just to clear up any possible confusion in the position I take on President-elect Trump, let me put it in a clear statement.    At first, I was totally aghast and embarrassed at what we, the people had done.    Sort of akin to the feeling we project into a dog that has broken house-training and left a mess on the living room rug.  "Oops.   Sorry.   Didn't mean to do that.   How bad is it going to be?    Really?   That bad, huh?"

Then there were just a few hopeful signs that he was not really going to stick to all those outrageous things he said during the campaign;   and the operating mantra became:   "Take him seriously, but not literally."

So I thought:   let's give him a chance.   Hope he surprises us, appoints some good people he will listen to, and doesn't do crazy things or shame the office of the presidency.    That lasted a few days.

My current view is that he has had his chance -- and he has blown it.    Some of his appointments have been unconventional, but not terrible or outrageous.    But, then there are the others;   and the "dressing down" of TV journalists and anchors;   and the attack on the "Hamlton" cast.   And all the obvious conflict of interest problems that he keeps flaunting in our faces, as he talks with business associates in India, Argentina, and who knows where else.  Maybe Russia.   And . . .

So my position now is:   OK, Mr. Trump.  The ball is in your court.   You have won the electoral college vote, even though Hillary Clinton bested you in popular vote by over 2 million and still counting.   If nothing comes of the Jill Stein sponsored recount request, then you will be the 45th President of the United States.

But you are coming from behind -- a position of your own doing -- and it is up to you to prove yourself worthy of the position and responsibility.   No more benefit of doubt, no more free rides.    Prove it by your actions.    We don't trust your words.   You are not a trustworthy person, which you've proved over and over.   Heck, you even told us as much -- it's all a negotiation with you.

So, when you say words now, Sir, I pay no attention;  because I don't trust your words.   I'm watching what you do, whom you insult, what efforts you make to reach out to those you have insulted and threatened.   Prove us wrong.   Undo the damage you've caused.


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