Monday, November 7, 2016

More about the FBI's blunder and ? repair ?

We now know that some 650,000 emails on Weiner's computer have been checked by FBI teams working round the clock -- and they found nothing significant.   Most turned out to be duplicates;   others were personal.   Though I would have been blunter than the understated message, I agree with Justice Department spokesman and Clinton supporter Matthew Miller's Twitter message: 

"Congrats to the FBI for working so hard to clear up the suspicion needlessly created.   Next time, maybe just stick to the rule though?"

Right.   If Comey had been willing to risk his vaunted reputation for integrity just a bit and waited, the whole thing could have been avoided.   Now it's done great harm to the FBI's reputation.  And we can't know what damage was done to the Clinton campaign.

Maybe none.  Maybe it energized her voters and spurred the unprecedented early votes.  What we do know is that Donald Trump and his surrogates have spent nine days exaggerating and fabricating a smoking gun out of this much ado about nothing.   But . . . that's nothing new.


PS:   Trump's in full rage/whine/blame mode, saying this just proves the system is rigged.   Surrogate Gen. Flynn says that it would be impossible to review that many emails in such a short time.    That shows his ignorance.   Edward Snowden, among others, knows how to sort out the duplicates;   he tweeted out a response that it could be done "in minutes to hours."

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