Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A critical look at Paul Ryan and his health care plan.

It's slowly dawning on those paying attention that Paul Ryan approaches his job of crafting legislation with the cold heart of an Ayn Rand devote -- it's all determined by the market, where winners win and losers lose.   In the past, Ryan openly talked about how much he had studied Rand's work, read her books, and believed in her philosophy.    Until, that is, someone pointed out that Ayn Rand was not only an atheist herself, but actively promoted atheism as a desirable ideology.

So then Ryan backed away, muttering that he didn't agree with all of Rand's ideas and, maybe  he wouldn't even follow her free market society quite so enthusiastically.

Nevertheless, we can see where his true self still is.    Just observe his excitement, his energy, his constant smiling as he talks about this health care bill.   He's practically giddy at the prospect of gutting all the regulatory aspects.    All people "will have access," but no one will be forced to purchase health insurance.

To Ryan, it's all about an abstract ideal;  it's not about helping people.   For him to call the CBO analysis "positive" and a sign of success that millions fewer will have insurance, is bizarre.  I understand, to him, it's a success because it does not force anyone to buy insurance;  and maybe he believes his spin about "equal access" and free choice to buy insurance (that a majority can't afford).

For me, calling this disastrous CBO analysis a success is like saying the operation was a success but the patient died.    "But, hey, don't feel bad about your husband's death, Mrs. Jones.    The operation worked, just like we said it would.   So we're chalking this one up as a success."


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