Thursday, March 16, 2017

Just a few of yesterday's headlines in the news

"Trumpcare Circles the Drain!"  "House Republicans Ready to Settle for 'Win' That Never Becomes Law."   "Senators Worry It's Too Stingy.  Hardliners Worry It's Not Extreme Enough."  "Lindsey Graham:  It's 'Mortally Wounded.'"

"Trump Ally:  President Was Likely Wrong on Obama Wiretapping Claim."  "Intel chairman sees no evidence of Trump Tower Wiretap."

"More Than 50 Tech Companies Challenge Trump's New Travel Ban."  "Travel Ban Trumped Again:   Federal Court in Hawaii Blocks New Travel Ban."

"Journalist Who Received President's Tax Return Questions If Trump Leaked It Himself."

"Senator Says Comey Will Confirm or Deny FBI Probe on Trump-Russia Ties."

"Defense Secretary Mattis Breaks With Other Cabinet Members on Climate Change."  "As (EPA Director) Scott Pruitt Denies Climate Science, Atmospheric CO2 Rises At Record Rate"

"Anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim Geert Wilders is surprise loser in Dutch Prime Minister election."   "A set-back for the hard-right, nationalist movement."

*   *   *
 With one possible exception, which depends on Comey's answer on the FBI probe, all of these news stories are bad news for Donald Trump.   And, folks, this is all in one day's news.


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