Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pew survey: Dems better represent views

Pew Research reported on Monday the results of a survey on how Americans view their government.   The generalization that can be taken from this is that they feel that Democrats better represent their views on a number of key issues than do Republicans .

On foreign policy, for example, Democrats are favored 49% to 36% -- a reversal from last year when Republicans were preferred 46% to 38%.

Despite Trump's tough talk and brutal actions on immigration and deportation, by 50% to 39% they prefer Democrats' handling of immigration.

On the environment, it's Democrats 59% to 28%.
Abortion and contraception, Democrats 53% to 33%.
Health care, Democrats 54% to 35%.
Government spending, again Democrats 48% to 40%.

Republicans do get the approval on:
Terrorism 48% to 36%.
Gun policy 46% to 41%.

As to individuals:
Paul Ryan -- job approval 29%
President Trump -- job approval 39%

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