Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sean Spicer's best asset: he makes Trump look good

Sean Spicer is having a bad week.   After his terrible reference to Hitler having "not used chemical weapons on his own people," Rachel Maddow also shredded him for constantly mispronouncing words.

He stumbles over acronyms, always referring to the President's Daily Briefing, not as PDB, but as PBD.  He mangles names, as in "Ashad" instead of "Assad," calling  Australia's President "Trunbull" instead of "Turnbull," and referring to the nightclub massacre being in "Atlanta" instead of "Orlando."  These were only a few examples.  Sean really needn't worry about losing his job though.   As someone observed:   "He makes Trump look good."

As if on cue, Trump proved it today when he related to a reporter how he had told China's President Xi about having launched 59 missiles at Iraq. (Sic!)   The reporter quickly corrected him that it was Syria.


PS:  Trump misstated because what he was really interested in was bragging to the reporter (and the world)  that he had told President Xi about the attack as they were finishing their dessert of "the most beautiful chocolate cake."   It was the greatest chocolate cake, ever.    At a Trump restaurant, of course.

How trivializing of an act that could have started a war.  What an immature way to treat a visiting head of state.  This is not behavior we should normalize.

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