Friday, May 12, 2017

ACLU: Trump's order not worth a suit.

[Prepared last week, but urgent news crowded it out.]
 Copy of a twitter message from the ACLU.
ACLU National   @ACLU
"We thought we'd have to sue Trump today.  But it turned out the order signing was an elaborate photo-op with no discernible policy outcome.
    5:42 PM - 4 May 2017"
Rumors said that Trump was going to sign an Executive Order on "religious freedom," which would allow religious-affiliated entities (like schools, hospitals) to refuse service based on religious objection (gay marriage, trans identity).

The ACLU was poised to file a lawsuit against Trump for government endorsement of discrimination.   But the actual order Trump signed turned out to be a big nothing.   All it does is ask that government agencies be a little more lenient in allowing churches to engage in politics without risking their tax-exempt status -- a rarely enforced law anyway.

An ACLU spokesman said what Trump signed "was, in essence, just a way to pander to religious conservatives."   But Trump is trying to make up for his lack of legislative success by padding his list with relatively meaningless and unobjectionable EOs.


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