Thursday, May 11, 2017

Late night updates on Comey firing

It's hard to keep up with this unfolding story.  There were updates all during the day yesterday, which I had already written in the longer post below.   Then last night more started coming out.   Here's what I've been able to grab hold of.  There are three posts for today -- and may be more to add come morning.

1.  In general, it's widely known now that the Trump/Russian investigation has been heating up in the last few weeks.  Updates that Comey had been getting from staff jumped from weekly to daily.   Comey asked for additional resources and personnel, just days before he was fired.  The Wall Street Journal reports that things are leading to potential evidence involving Trump's own business dealings.

2.  Reuter's News Service is reporting that Comey had told associates that Trump, Sessions, and Deputy AG Rosenstein had tried to get Comey to brief them on what he would testify to the Senate;  and he refused, which was quite proper for him to do to maintain his independence, especially given that Sessions had recused himself.

3.  The Washington Post reported that 30 different sources, many in the White House, had said that Trump was very angry with Comey, even yelling at the TV monitor, and that this is what led to firing him.

Now, take a bit of comic relief (but still a serious political story), then go on to the longer update post below that (if you can stand more).'

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