Saturday, May 27, 2017

LATE NEWS FLASH: Kusher tried to set up secret communication line with Kremlin

Washington Post reporters have learned that the Russian ambassador told officials in Moscow that Jared Kushner had asked him to help the Trump transition team set up a secret, backdoor line of communication with the Kremlin using Russian diplomatic channels so that it could not be detected by official US surveillance agencies.  Michael Flynn was also in the meeting, which occurred on Dec 1st or 2nd of 2016 at Trump Tower.    Ambassador Kislyak and the Kremlin supposedly denied Kushner's request, realizing that it would pose security risks for them.   On the other hand, if it had been set up, would we know . . . ?

This is blockbusting:   The Trump team wanted to speak with the Kremlin -- a foreign adversary -- in such a way that could not be detected by our own security forces, i.e. the FBI, the CIA, National Security.    Some are urging caution, suggesting that Kushner may have been acting out of naivete.   But Gen. Flynn was not naive, having been head of the intelligence arm of the Pentagon.

Is there any doubt that Trump was in on this?  Stay tuned.

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