Saturday, July 15, 2017

Insurers call Senate bill "unworkable"

On the eve of a planned vote on the revised Senate health care bill, two organizations representing the health insurance industry call the latest version "simply unworkable in any form."   They warned of "major hardship," especially for middle-class people with serious medical problems.  One observer referred to their taking this step as "a primal scream."

The latest changes -- allowing policies that leave out essential services and that reinstate exclusions for pre-existing conditions -- were from an amendment pushed by Sen. Ted Cruz, who made these a condition for his vote.

If you have any influence over wavering Republican senators (Rob Portman (Ohio), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Dean Heller (Nevada), Shelley Moore Capito (West Virginia), John Hoeven (N. Dakota), please call them.   Susan Collins (Maine) and Rand Paul (Kentucky) have already committed to a No vote.   It takes only one more.


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