Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The most clueless prediction about the Trump-Putin meeting

Former congressman from Georgia, Jack Kingston, became a surrogate spinner for the Trump campaign, always providing fawning cliches of favorability.  Here's how he was spinning the Trump-Putin meeting -- before it occurred -- in a Friday article in The Hill newspaper.  Here's a taste.   Don't take too much;  it's so rich it might make you sick.
"Trump Will Own Putin in Negotiations"

Jack Kingston:  ". . . .  To be sure, Trump will have the upper hand when the two leaders meet.   Not only does Trump bring to the table his decades of negotiation experience, but . . . . he starts with the sober knowledge that Russia hacked our last elections, they illegally annexed Crimea, they haven't been helpful in North Korea, and they continue to contribute to the slaughter and displacement of millions of innocent people in Syria.

"Trump knows Russia needs us more than we need them. . . Russia has been in  recession since 2015. . . . Furthermore, U.S. . . sanctions further cripple their hope of an economic revival. . . .  Additionally, Russia has now been bogged down in Syria since 2011. Such perpetual war is in no one's interest - they have more at stake in Syria then we do. . . .

"Finally, Vladimir Putin knows Donald Trump isn't Barack Obama. Instead of talking about a red line in Syria President Trump sent fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles as a calling card. . . . 

"And rather than let politically correct European peer pressure force him to sign a climate deal that exempted China, President Trump said "No thanks. America first."

"All this gives President Trump the advantage. It's Putin who needs to make a deal.  What will he give up to make one?  In which area does he seek relief? . . . 

"What punishment will we impose for election meddling? Is NATO going to be expanded?  Yes he has an agenda and his hat in hand. . . . "

I can't stop laughing.   Except that the awful reality of Trump's swooning to cater to Putin is so utterly the opposite to Kingston's imagined version . . . and so not-funny.


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