Friday, August 21, 2015

Meet me at the fair, Hillary

Hillary Pork Chop

Hillary Clinton at the Iowa State Fair, Aug. 16, 2015

Hillary should attend more state fairs.  These two pictures have something that's been missing in most of her campaign photos.  Yes, she looks a tad uneasy about how to gracefully manage this "pork chop on a stick" that is a must-do for politicians at the Iowa State Fair.

[There was a later photo of her still carrying said pork chop, with two big bites gone out of it.   But we didn't actually see her doing the biting.   But that's beside the point.]

The first photo also shows Hillary looking directly at someone.  She usually looks above or to the side or, worse, with head tilted back and eyebrows lifted, so she appears to be looking down her nose at people.   She rarely looks directly into the camera.   She should do this more often;   it captures her openness, her vulnerability, and her sincerity.

And the second picture just shows genuine delight.  She must really like state fairs.   There's nothing guarded or stilted in this grin.   It's in the eyes.   In the top one, she's looking directly ahead, open and engaging.   In the lower one, her eyes are scrunched up in a big grin -- but the facial features all fit one emotion.   Often people, who have to force a smile all the time in public, get a disconnect between the eyes and the mouth and the lines around the nose.   If they don't add up, the smile looks faked -- as it often is. 

Not here.   It's hard to keep from giggling with her when you look at this.


Athena Image 
Hillary Clinton at Iowa State Fair, photo by Bloomberg via Getty Images

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