Monday, August 17, 2015

Trump pulls back the curtain and exposes the truth

Say what you will (as I have) about Donald Trump, there is something refreshingly honest about what he says.   Because he doesn't have a filter for political correctness or political expedience -- we sometimes get the unvarnished truth.

In the debate, he casually mentioned how he always gives money to politicians of both parties -- and then he gets favors from them in the future.    Then he shrugs and says what everybody knows but few admit:  "That's how it works."

At the Iowa State Fair on Saturday, he dropped this line:  “I’ve been getting politicians to pass whatever I wanted all of my life. Big New York City zoning deals are probably tougher than most of the things I’d be dealing with, [as president] with foreign countries.”

See what I mean?   He just lays the raw truth right out there -- about politicians and their donors and the system of "pay to play."    And people love it because it feels honest.   It's the opposite of cover-up and spin.


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