Sunday, July 31, 2016

Conservatives' negative reviews of RNC convention

TPM's Katherine Krueger compiled some comments from conservatives about the DNC convention, especially as compared to the RNC one.   And these, admittedly selected ones, anyway, preferred what happened this week in Philadelphia.

From Jonah Goldberg, National Review editor:
     "Why this convention is better: It's about loving America. GOP convention was about loving Trump."

From conservative RedState's Erick Erickson:
     "For Republicans who are not social conservatives, I have to imagine last night and tonight at the DNC are having an impact on them."

From Steve Deace, Iowa radio host:
     "So most of conservative media and the GOP spent the week rooting for Russia, and now the Democrats get to rally around the flag. . . .  Dreadful."

From Rich Galen, press secretary for Dick Cheney:
     "How can it be that I am standing at my kitchen counter sobbing because of the messages being driven at the DNC? Where has the GOP gone?"

Conservative ops veteran Matt Mackowiak:
     "This Democratic convention has been an unmitigated disaster for the GOP. Very well produced. Unifying. Patriotic. Bravo.

Conservative blogger AGConservative:
     "Still stunned. Feel like I'm in the twilight zone. Obama just defended America and  conservative values from attacks by the Republican nominee."

Daily Caller Writer Jamie Weinstein:
     "Now an immigrant medal of honor winner? If the goal is to reach independents and conservatives uneasy w/ Trump, well done Democrats."

Notice an underlying theme here?    These conservative commentors realize that, with Donald Trump, Republicans have ceded patriotism and "American values" to the Democrats.  And whoever planned this convention was smart enough to run with it.

From the generals and honoring military men and women, to the flags everywhere, to the audience chants of USA!  USA!    And culminating in the brilliance (from a strategic point of view) of highlighting one very moving story that combines the sacrifice of a dead, Muslim, military hero whose surviving parents are patriotic immigrants -- and shaming Trump with it.  


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