Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fox News poll shows Clinton leading by 10 points

The latest poll released last night by Fox News shows Hillary Clinton with a 10 point lead over Donald Trump.   With Libertarian Greg Johnson included, she still leads Trump by 9 points.

Clinton     49%          Trump     39%
Clinton     44%          Trump     35%          Johnson     12%

In the same poll, people were asked: Was Trump out of bounds in his criticism of the Kahn family?  The answer:  Yes   69%   No   19%

Also in the same poll, the question was asked:   Do you trust Clinton/Trump to make decisions about nuclear war?  The answer:  Clinton   56%   Trump   34%.

This is remarkable:   only 34% would trust Trump with the power to start a nuclear war;   yet 39% would still vote for him !!


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