Saturday, August 6, 2016

Clinton leads Trump . . . . in Georgia ! ? ! ?

In an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll of registered Georgia voters released on Friday, Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump in a 1 to 1 matchup by 44% to 41%.    In a four-way matchup, the result was:   Clinton 41%, Trump 38%, Johnson 11%, Stein 2%.

Georgia?     Red state Georgia, where every statewide elected official is Republican and both legislative bodies are controlled by Republicans.  Where two years ago Jason Carter (a popular state senator and grandson of Jimmy Carter) and Michelle Nunn (daughter of popular former U. S. Senator Sam Nunn), ran for governor and U. S. Senator.   If any Democrats could have won, they were them.   Both were defeated -- only two years ago. 

That's our state that Hillary Clinton is now leadingCautious optimism:   This is a relatively small sample (767) and it is one poll in a very volatile time.   But the optimism is warranted and suggests it's worth working to turn Georgia purple.   Actually, it's already purple.   Let's work to turn it blue.


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