Friday, July 8, 2016

FBI director testifies at congressional email hearing

I spent 4+ hours watching the CSPAN coverage of the congressional hearing with FBI director James Comey explaining his decision about Clinton's email.   He was resolute in defending his decision, based on lack of evidence of willful intent or massive amounts of classified information being mishandled, or obstruction of justice.    So she's free of any legal problem.   He said, quite clearly, that he did not think she broke the law.

But Comey gave the Republicans plenty of material to use politically, saying that she was extremely careless, that she had potentially jeopardized national security (although there is no evidence that actually happened), and that several things she has said publicly about it are not true.

So, yes, the political theater will continue.   The Democrats can point to "she did not break the law" and the Republicans will say "she lied" and "was extremely careless with national security data."  It's going to hurt.   But Donald Trump will probably come to the rescue and do something to grab the news cycle and overshadow even this.


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