Saturday, July 9, 2016

One step closer to women in charge of the world

My July 3rd post was about the likelihood that, by January, women would rule the world -- assuming that Hillary Clinton becomes our president, that a woman is the next Prime Minister of Great Britain, and that a woman becomes the next UN Secretary General.  They would join Angela Merkle as the most powerful figure in the European Union.

The second of those moved a big step closer to reality on Thursday.   David Cameron's replacement as U.K. Prime Minister will definitely be a woman.   The choice -- to be voted on in September -- has been narrowed to two.   Both are women.

The winner will join the women who are currently heads of state in:   Germany, Norway, Poland, Croatia, South Korea, Taiwan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Chile and other nations.   In addition, Janet Yellen, at the U.S. Federal Reserve, and Christine Lagarde at the IMF, are the two top financial leaders in the world.


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