Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The good works of Muslims

Enough of the "Islamic terrorists" meme our news media and conservative politicians scream at us.    Here in the last days of this year's Ramadan, it's good to ponder the good news to help counter that negative stereotype.  Of course, terrorism is real and a terrible threat.   They may claim their allegiance to an "Islamic State."   But they do not represent Islam as understood and practiced by over 1 billion, peaceful Muslim people.   Here's an example.

The police in the city of Minden, Germany reported that a 25 year old refugee from Syria, now living in their city, brought home a piece of furniture given to him by a local charity.   When he got it home, he discovered a hidden panel under one of the shelves which contained cash in the amount of 50,000 euros (about $55,000).   It also held bankbooks with information about accounts holding twice that amount.

The man, identified only as Muhannad M., returned the money to immigration officials, even though it could have paid for him to bring his two brothers to join him in Germany.  "I am Muslim," he explained.   "I am not allowed to keep this money.   My religion forbids it.   Allah would never allow me to finance my owns interests with someone else's wealth."

This dramatic story went viral.   But I know of quiet daily acts of kindness and generosity done by Muslims every day.


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