Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Idealism vs pragmatism -- the walkout

According to reports, several hundred of Sanders' "Bernie or Bust" supporters walked out of the convention in protest when Hillary Clinton formally became the Democratic nominee for president.  Watching the CNN broadcast, this was not apparent, nor was it picked up by the camera mics.   So it clearly did not disrupt the joyous proceedings on that historic occasion.

Just wanted to report this to correct my earlier statement that having their voices heard by recording the vote for Sanders had assuaged the anger among those supporters.   It apparently was not enough;   nor was the forced exit of DNC chair Debbi Wasserman-Schultz;  nor was Sanders getting 90% of what he wanted in the platform -- all of that was not enough for some.  It seems nothing less than the nomination of Sanders as the Democratic candidate for president  would have been enough.

I'm sorry to lose those votes.   But they made their choice, and they left.   I'm with the woman from Oklahomo interviewed on MSNBC who voted for Ralph Nader in the Bush-Gore election -- and has regretted it ever since.    Idealism is a great aspirationbut making a practical choice is better than losing the presidency -- and enduring eight years of George W. Bush or Donald J. Trump.


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