Monday, July 25, 2016

Wasseman-Schultz forced out as DNC Chair

The release by Wikileaks of 20,000 emails hacked from staffers at the Democratic National Committee confirms Bernie Sanders' assertions that the DNC was biased against the Sanders campaign and had sought to undermine him.

According to several sources, a very contentious meeting of the DNC confronted Debbie Wasserman-Schurtz with the distraction that her presence at the convention would be.   She was resistant, claiming that she could weather this storm.   That's not the point -- and it just proves the point I've been saying, along with others.   She is out of touch and should be out the door.

In addition to her bias and mismanagement, she is in the pockets of big business, especially the pay-day loan sharks in FloridaShe should have resigned long ago.  At least, it's settled that she will not appear at the convention.   Already, before these leaks, she would have faced boos from the Sanders supporters on the floor.


NEWS FLASH:  As of Sunday afternoon, DWS is out.   Sources says she was told:  either resign or be fired.   Hacked emails showed staff members discussing how to undermine Sanders' campaign by portraying him as an atheist in the South.   Important to note:   they didn't actually do it;   just talked about it.
   DWS did not go easily.   Apparently the deal to get her to resign:   she will be allowed to open and close the convention and her resignation will be effective at the end of the conventionshe got grateful letters from Obama and Clinton for her service, and Clinton will campaign with her in Florida.    I suggest Sanders' voters just not attend her appearance, rather than booing her.  The objective of getting her out has been obtained.   Not need to emphasize the turmoil for the tv cameras, not that it's settled.

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